• The Enemy Inside Your Mind by Bishop Paul Morton

The Enemy Inside Your Mind by Bishop Paul Morton

You have an enemy…someone determined to steal your dreams, your purpose and even your life. If you’re glancing around, thinking you’ll see him lurking in the shadows, you’re looking in the wrong place. The deadly, determined enemy of your soul doesn’t attack from the outside…he’s much closer than that! His battleground is your mind.

But God has not left you defenseless against this sworn enemy. He’s given you the ultimate weapon. TRUTH! God’s anointed Word. As you learn who you are in God, the enemy’s power over your mind will be broken. You will be free to live, to love, to succeed. You will be free to cast down stereotypes and the social constraints of society and become all that God intended you to be.

Who will determine your reality or your destiny? You…or your sworn enemy? Use this book to arm yourself in the fight for your mind. Own its insights; practice its principles. And with God’s help, chase away the enemy’s lies, replacing them with the truth of God!