• What Men Need to Know about Women

What Men Need to Know about Women

In the famous words from Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here is failure to communicate.”

Face it: men and women aren’t just different physically, but in how we think, approach issues, experience emotions, and relate to others. The problem is, because we think differently, see the world differently, have different expectations, and tend to mean different things even though we use the same words, we have tremendous misunderstandings that can escalate as far as total nuclear family meltdown.

Even then, if we still don’t see eye to eye, at least acknowledging that we are different—and that opinions may be more a matter of a perspective then of fact—allows us room to be more tolerant in dealing with one another, as well as more willing to take the time to understand rather than attacking with all emotional guns blazing.

The other side of that is, of course, that we as men also need to understand our own tendencies and how we relate to others, specifically the women in our lives. 

With that said, it is good that we men take time to look at some of the general differences between men and women.

Both men and the women they love will enjoy this insightful book!